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We are a leading Sydney healthcare practice providing clients with the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of health. Ours is a personalised, realistic and comprehensive approach to chiropractic care, physiotherapy, naturopathy and podiatry. About us  

  • Physiotherapy

    Better Health Physiotherapy is committed to providing high quality outcome based treatment regimes that tailor programs to individual needs rather than apply a “one size fits all” approach.

  • Chiropractic

    A personalised approach to chiropractic care, where our primary philosophy is focused on providing you and your family with long-term health. We’ll help you overcome injury as well as set you on course for a better lifestyle and better health.

  • Naturopathy

    The combination of science and natural medicine: these are the critical components of our naturopathy practice that will enable you to achieve a lifetime of better health. We’ll guide you there by focusing on the right nutritional and lifestyle factors unique to you and your life.

  • Podiatry

    Podiatry goes beyond diagnosing, treating and managing injuries of the feet and legs: we take a broader approach factoring in the impact on the musculoskeletal system, mobility and lifestyle demands.

Our Latest Health Tips

Vitamin D – Are you getting enough?

Many of us are getting less time in the sun, especially over the winter months. Time and time again here at Better Health we see that apparently ‘healthy’ individuals are vitamin D deficient. It is common in Australia, affecting 1/3 of adults over the age of 25. Commonly this is sub-clinical and you may feel that you are not experiencing any obvious signs or symptoms….YET! A fuller understanding of how vitamin D deficiency can manifest can often change this perception.

We see vitamin D deficiency commonly in chronic pain. Quite frighteningly 85% of chronic pain sufferers have a vitamin D deficiency. Issues that should immediately come to mind are things like low back pain, fibromyalgia, skin sensitivity, osteoarthritis, bone and joint pain and muscle weakness just to name a few.

Why is vitamin D so important for your health? Continue Reading →

The many health benefits of coconut oil By Aimee Gardiner – Naturopath

Drink. Coconut on the table

Coconut oil can be used for almost anything these days and there are recipes to prove it. Some of its top uses are as an ingredient in cleaning products, beauty products, health foods, for cooking and as part of a stable diet.

Coconut oil is the most nutrient dense part of the coconut. Coconut oil is a fatty oil extracted from the flesh of the coconut. This particular oil contains saturated fats which are medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also known as medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. It is these types of fatty acids that have been linked to a whole host of health benefits. So why is the public scared of coconut oil? Continue Reading →