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We are a leading Sydney healthcare practice providing clients with the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of health. Ours is a personalised, realistic and comprehensive approach to chiropractic care, physiotherapy, naturopathy and podiatry. About us  

  • Physiotherapy

    Better Health Physiotherapy is committed to providing high quality outcome based treatment regimes that tailor programs to individual needs rather than apply a “one size fits all” approach.

  • Chiropractic

    A personalised approach to chiropractic care, where our primary philosophy is focused on providing you and your family with long-term health. We’ll help you overcome injury as well as set you on course for a better lifestyle and better health.

  • Naturopathy

    The combination of science and natural medicine: these are the critical components of our naturopathy practice that will enable you to achieve a lifetime of better health. We’ll guide you there by focusing on the right nutritional and lifestyle factors unique to you and your life.

  • Podiatry

    Podiatry goes beyond diagnosing, treating and managing injuries of the feet and legs: we take a broader approach factoring in the impact on the musculoskeletal system, mobility and lifestyle demands.

Our Latest Health Tips

Our next workshop is up and running- SUPER NUTRITION FOR BETTER HEALTH!

SuperfoodsWednesday 6th May 6:30pm

…Cacao, chia seeds, acai, chlorella, spirulina, goji berries, turmeric, maca, chloryphyll…

This month’s workshop is back by popular demand after a very successful launch in 2014.  This workshop is presented by Hayley, our Naturopath and she will discuss:

  • What superfoods are and how they can improve your health
  • Which superfoods you should be including in your daily diet and why
  • How eating more plant based foods can easily become a part of your daily routine

+ smoothie tasting and a recipe book!

We are taking bookings now and as usual, places are limited. Please call reception to book on 9518 0722.

Top tips to nourish your adrenals and reduce your stress levels

impiegata annoiataAs we are well and truly in the swing of 2015, I have noticed a huge influx of tired, anxious, overworked and stressed out patients walking through my door over the last month. Everyone seems to have knuckled down for the year and is bogged down by their overly busy working week. Many are feeling flat, exhausted, wired and on edge- not a good combination when you have a lot to get through in your home and/or work life. Poor sleep, frequent infections, weight gain, digestive issues and headaches can all result from high stress levels. Continue Reading →